​The House of Redemption
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The House of Redemption

Who We Are and What It Is We Do
Redemption--for both individuals and communities--is all about freedom to become all that we are meant to be.  Tragically, our social reality is that prison convictions tend to follow people forever (given our age of computers), creating a perpetual sense of bondage.  Making a bad situation worse, exisiting laws create and facilitate unsustainable conditions that encourage reimprisonment.
Three major barriers impacting successful community re-socialization post-prison are unemployment, lack of access to social service programs, and unstable housing.  If our genuine desire is to strengthen communities by reducing crime and recidivism, those who have been released from prison must have help meeting and overcoming the obstacles hindering their successful community reeengagement. 
The House of Redemption, through a ministry we call 'Sonya's Place', seeks to address the crucial housing needs of formerly imprisoned men and women in Columbus, Ohio by providing long-term and permanent homes.
Join us in changing lives--one family at a time.