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Our Services
Our Services
Release from prison is often accompanied by anxiety, but not necessarily an identification card, transportation, money, education, or employable skills.  Release also means engaging multiple and interrelated social barriers and laws which negatively impact community re-socialization. 
Three major barriers are unemployment, lack of access to social service programs, and unstable housing.  To achieve our social goal of reducing crime and recidivism, those who have been released from prison must have the support of advocates who are positioned to help them navigate the obstacles that we know hinder successful community re-engagement.

The House of Redemption is a tax-exempt, non-profit corporation assisting with the long-term residential needs of citizens who will be returning to our communities post-incarceration.  We also provide related educational programs and activities for those desiring to learn more about Mass Incarceration, and contribute to research in the field of reentry housing.
In partnership with an established advocacy consulting agency, we seek to also address employment, social and other essential needs of the individuals and families we serve.